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Sunday, October 28, 2007

The Scouting Report: Detroit

Welcome to The Scouting Report. Each week this season, we're going to take the opportunity to interview an opposing team's blogger/podcaster/insider to gain insight into the team we're facing., a Detroit Lions podcast, joins us and takes a look at week 4.

Chicago's Offensive Line (COL) - Football is a game of match-ups. Which match-up will you be watching and why?

Lions in the Basement (LIB) - The biggest worry for us at least is Detroit versus Soldier Field. The road has been really scary for Lions fans. But, at least offensively, for the Lions each game comes down to the protection provided by our swiss cheese like offensive line. If we can give Kitna time we have a good chance every week. If Kitna has time to throw, I think that our receivers can beat anybody.

COL - In the preseason, Jon Kitna promised that the Lions would win 10 games this season. Back when he said this, did you believe him?

LIB - Honestly, No. But it was good to hear that someone on the Lions (not named Roy Williams) believed enough in our team to make that kind of prediction. The attention that we received, althought mostly negative, gave the team both a goal and something to rally around. That prediction doesn't look quite so silly now.

COL - You guys call yourself the Lions in the Basement, was that a prediction of where the team would end up this season?

LIB - In no way was this a prediction of the Lions finish this year (and the fact that they finished there so many times before had nothing to do with it!?). It is just where we record the podcast. Our tagline is "It's not where they'll finish, it's where we record".

COL -Who are you guys happier to get back, Kevin Jones or Calvin Johnson?

LIB - Both, but if forced to pick, we would have to go with Kevin Jones. Just the threat of a running game at least forces the defensive line to think about something other than sacking Kitna. Kevin Jones looked real good (versus Tampa Bay) and if that keeps up it could be a very long season for opposing defenses. If other teams are forced to try and cover our receivers one on one, it will be a long day for defensive coordinators.

COL - How the hell has Matt Millen managed to keep his job for so long? Don't get me wrong, we've all been glad he's still there, but it makes you wonder.

LIB - We think the honest answer is he became good friends with the owner of the team. As long as Millen knows enough to b.s. Ford the job is his. Millen is massacred in the papers, we had the orange out, and who can forget the Millen man march last year? But come draft time there he is picking another receiver in the first round. At least he has gotten them half right with Calvin and Roy. Until Ford or Millen get hit by a bus on the way to work, the job will probably be his.

COL - Do Lions fans tune out Roy Williams as much as the rest of the nation does?

LIB - We here in the Basement try to tune in to everything Roy says. He is one of the most entertaining players in the NFL. Adds a lot of character to the team and most everyone knows it is just Roy being Roy. Plus, when he really puts his foot in his mouth, he is willing to don the Pizza Hut uniform and deliver pizzas personally.

COL - What is your prediction for the game this Sunday?

LIB - Kitna stays clean, Jones runs well, and you will wish you could tune out Roy Williams, Lions win 31-17.

Thanks again to for the interview.

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